ENGL 420 Final Project

For my final project I decided to expand upon my social media project rather than my podcast. This was a hard decision for me, but I did not have a quiet space to record over the past few weeks. This is because I’ve had to run back and forth between my parent’s house and school because of a family emergency. We have 4 dogs at home, so every time I tried to record, there was always barking or growling that you could hear. So I am not as proud of this final project as I should be.

So that is why I went with furthering my social media project. No sound was needed, and I was able to do a mock form of people who are in Multi-Level Marketing. Like in my original project, I based this off of those posts that you see women on Facebook post constantly. As to add onto the project, I created another new Discord server and had two people making posts and interacting, rather than my original girl Jessica all by herself. She also has started a new MLM for this final project, and has left Lularoe for Arbonne. I wanted to show the manipulation tactic of trying to get people to join your “business”. I decided to upload the photos in a screenshot style. I did this because of receipt culture and this is how most posts are uploaded on Reddit, where I read a lot of these conversations. You can also see that once Ashley is recruited, she starts using all these emojis that she never had during their recruiting conversation. It’s apart of MLMs to overuse these emojis like how Jess does.

Just scroll below this post to see the story unfold, and thank you for viewing!

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