Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I think I want to expand on my MLM podcast. For the original project, I focused on MLM during the pandemic, and at the end talked about care packages that are basically a scam. Dr. Sherwood had left a comment on my project asking if there was any evidence to this, which I have seen Instagram lives and Facebook posts of consultants wanting to do this. I figured I could do a whole podcast segment committed to this, and within the podcast post have screenshots and links to where I found this information.

These care packages actually help the consultant get a promotion due to the amount of product that was bought for them, so they are lying when they say that they are doing this out of the good of their hearts. I would also like to fix the sound issue I had with background music vs my voice, and balance it out correctly. So the podcast for the final project would be longer than five minutes.

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