Hypertext: Week 3

The hypertext I chose to read about was “my body – a Wunderkammer” by Shelley Jackson. When you first begin, you are presented not only with an image, but sound as well. Honestly the sound freaked me out a little bit, so I quickly clicked onto the next page!

Here is where we can venture off into different parts of the body, literally. The image presented is a diagram of the female body. Here you can click onto any part and be brought into a different story. I first clicked on hips since that is what stood out to me. She tells us that she has hips like a boys, then proceeds to tell us a story. Within each story you can click a link which will bring you to a different body part!

It took me awhile to get through each one, as sometimes I was brought back to a part that I had previously visited. I think Jackson did a great job with being able to continuously loop her memoir again and again. Oddly enough, I always ended back on the breasts page. I only ventured back to hips one time in my expedition.

This helped me see what hypertext is really capable of. It is still a very confusing world to me, even though the definition of hypertext is simple enough: Hypertexts consist of separate pieces of text connected by links. Jackson’s piece helped me see that these links do not have to come to an end. They can lead you right back to the beginning or in the middle.

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